By Diego Perez and Tom Ackerman

Jesus Hernandez, a CT scan technologist in Chicago, saw the financial effects of COVID-19 when his $1,200 stimulus check did not directly benefit him, but rather it benefitted someone else.

“Since I was working, I was able to lend my money to someone else who was not working at that time. I was able to let them borrow the stimulus check and help them pay bills,” said Hernandez, who gave his son-in-law the stimulus check. He has since been paid back.

While Congress is still debating the possibility of a second stimulus check…

By Tom Ackerman and Diego Perez

Isidro Ruiz Jr. and his wife, Guadalupe Sanchez, are residents of Chicago’s Pilsen neighborhood, one of Chicago’s Latino neighborhoods that has been heavily impacted by COVID-19. Both Ruiz and Sanchez had tested positive for COVID-19.

Sanchez, 63, who works at a hair salon near Pilsen, has seen many clients since the Phase 3 reopening of certain small businesses operating with strict health guidelines. One day in the month of August, Sanchez began to feel sick and believed she had a common cold. …

Thomas Ackerman

UIC senior based in Chicagoland

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